Is it possible to distill the essential French dining experience?
At France-Soir, that’s what we’ve been serving for 32 years.
The menu, with its classic foundations, changes with the seasons, as you’d expect. Our renowned wine list – like the wine on it – also evolves.
But “l’esprit” never wavers.
This is dining as it should be: both assured and exuberant.
Always celebratory, and always a celebration of dining itself.
An essential part of life, no less.

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Entrées Chaudes

Entrées Froides et Salades


All our beef is pasture fed from O’Connor, South East Gippsland.
Sauces - Bearnaise, red wine/shallots, pepper, wild mushroom/cream and Calvados.

Plats de Résistance


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